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ePayNet is a simple and innovative way of managing your money from your finger tips. 


Your secured digital platform that allows you to sell and buy online using Mobile Money. Simply contact us for integration if you are a business owner or just activate "Online Checkout" if you are an app user.


Download ePayNet today from Google Play and register to get access.

ePayNet Sign-up

Sign-up using your Mobile Money subscribed number, valid email address and create your own password. Your username will be your cell number.


Follow the process below and start enjoying the new normal.



Download ePayNet and register using MoMo subscribed number to join this exciting community. Define your beneficiaries from our listed participant vendors. If you are an organization, just sign-up to be a recepient by sending an email to digimage@salvtec.co.sz 


Initiate Payment

Choose the most relevant module to process the type of payment that you want from local payments, school fees, giving & utility bills. You can also schedule a payment from Mobile Money to Mobile Money or Mobile Money to Bank under Local Payments. 



All your transactions will be authorized by you via MoMo PIN or OTP from your bank. Scheduled payments will require pre-authorization because it is an automated transaction that you will initiate from the app or through your insurer/lender.

MoMo to Bank or ATM Transfers 

Login to ePayNet and choose Local Payments and select Mobile to Bank. Your funds will be transferred into your nominated bank account within 1 hour, bank charges will apply. You may want to withdraw your cash over an ATM as eWallet or CashPlus. 

Send Money from the Bank to MoMo

The kind of convenience that you have been waiting for is now right at your fingertips. Make sure that you only transfer funds according to the allowable limits to your personal Mobile Money. No special actions required, just login to your internet banking or mobile banking app from FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank and follow the steps as outlined below.


FNB to MoMo

Find the account under public recipients and transfer direct to your Mobile Money wallet instantly. Please note that your reference must be your Mobile Money registered number.



Find the account under bank defined recipients and transfer direct to your Mobile Money wallet instantly. Please note that your reference must be your Mobile Money registered number.


STD Bank to MoMo

Add the ePayNet account as a recipient and transfer direct to your Mobile Money wallet, expect some delays. You need to email the pdf proof of payment to transfer2MM@gmail.com. 


Our applicable charges are fully aligned with the prevailing charges with the bank or MTN MoMo transfers. POS rental applies on companies with collections profile while E22.00 applies to all bank transfers. You can use the search button to review our charges.

Transaction Type ePayNet Charges MTN Charges Bank Charges Total Max Charge
MoMo to MoMoNone2% of the amountNoneE20.00
MoMo to BankE22.002% of the amountNoneE42.00
Card SwipeNoneNoneBank POS ChargesBank POS Charges
MoMo TransactionsNone2% of the amountNoneE20.00
Bank to MoMoNoneNoneBank Transfer ChargesBank Transfer Charges
POS CollectionsNoneNoneBank POS Charges (5%)Bank POS Charges (5%)
App Sign-upE0.00NoneNoneE0.00
Old Proof of PaymentE20.00NoneNoneE20.00
StatementE15.00 p/pageNoneNoneE15.00 p/page
eCommerce profileE50.00 p/monthNoneNoneE50.00 p/month
eCommerce IntegrationE2000.00NoneNoneE2000.00
Bulk Salaries to MoMoE0.00NoneNoneE0.00
MoMo SIM SwapE0.01NoneNoneE0.01
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