ePayNet Modules

We provide an interoperable environment in the financial industry to ensure financial inclusion in our space leading to access, affordability and convenience. 



Tired of the long loan appraisal processes and poor turnaround time whenever you need cash?Get your Stokvel listed and access quick loans via ePayNet 24/7. Learn more...



All your sales are very important to your business. Record and share your invoices with your clients online via ePayNet and get paid quickly to your Mobile Money wallet at a click of a button.  Learn more...


SACCO Payments

No need to travel a long distance to your SACCO any more. Pay your monthly savings or contributions and loan repayments direct to your SACCO personal account via ePayNet. Learn more... 


e-Commerce Gateway 

Your e-Commerce website is missing only one thing. We provide a secured check-out platform using Mobile Money through ePayNet.  . Learn more...

Mobile to Bank

Convenience is the heart of the payments space. We are giving the comfort and the convenience that you need when moving funds from your Mobile Money wallet to banks (FNB, NED & STD). Learn more...

Mobile to Mobile Money

Affordability and access are the core values for financial inclusion. ePayNet gives you access to the movement of funds from your Mobile Money wallet to any wallet at affordable rates. Learn more...

Mobile to ATM

Is your beneficiary not registered on MoMo? We got your back. Transfer funds to e-Wallet from MoMo through ePayNet and enjoy our convenient payments solution. Learn more...

Bank to Mobile Money

Did you know that you don't need to travel in order for you to deposit funds into your Mobile Money wallet? ePayNet is the solution that you need in order to make quick payments to Mobile Money effortlessly. Learn more...



We provide the solution that you need as a church, NGO or even as an individual who needs financial support from the members of the public.  Learn more...


Utility Bills

All utility bills payments can be a nightmare if they are not paid in time. We provide a solution that will help meet you halfway due to your busy schedule. Learn more...


School Fees

We are at the core of making business processes to feel less strenuous and digital. You can pay your school fees using ePayNet using funds in your Mobile Money. Learn more...


Bulk Payments

ePayNet gives you the freedom you want when processing bulk payments ranging from salaries, dividends & pay outs to Mobile Money and other banking wallets & accounts. 

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